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Quattro città RUGGEDISED scelte per la Missione Europea sulle Città Intelligenti e a impatto zero
Four RUGGEDISED cities chosen for the European Mission on Intelligent and Zero Impact Cities
Quattro città RUGGEDISED sono state scelte per la Missione Europea sulle Città Intelligenti e Climaticamente Neutrali. Le tre città faro di RUGGEDISED, Rotterdam, Umeå e…
Assemblea generale Ruggedised
Ruggedised General Assembly
Dal 5 al 7 aprile la città di Parma ha ospitato l’ultima Assemblea Generale di “RUGGEDISED” a cui hanno partecipato circa 60 persone provenienti sia…
La storymap di Glasgow
Storymap of Glasgow
The COP26 XXVI Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC which took place in Glasgow City Council, from 31 October 2021 to 12 November 2021, under the ...

What is a smart city?

A smart city is one that uses ICT tools as an innovative support for management areas and in the provision of public services, thanks also to the help of public-private partnerships, to improve the livability of its citizens

It is the one that uses information from various fields in real time, and exploits both tangible (e.g. transport, energy and natural resource infrastructures) and intangible resources (human capital, education and knowledge, and the intellectual capital of companies)

It is the one capable of adapting itself to the needs of users, promoting its own sustainable development

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