Smart city

Parma Smart City


Imagining the future is the first step to make it happen and Parma Futuro Smart is the construction of a vision, an idea of ​​a smart city. It is a political strategy tool of the Municipality of Parma to support decisions by governments and companies in an adequate time to understand and respond to changes.

Imagining possible futures allows you to:

To highlight relationships and consequences of political choices in the medium-long term 15 - 35 years

to include in the reflection the weakest and least represented interests in the political debate

Increase cooperation and policy coherence (sectors, departments)

Identify policy choices and options

Understanding opportunities and mitigating risks

Make urban policies consistent with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs

Le sfide

European cities face major challenges in the environmental, social, economic and political spheres that require the development of a capacity for response and planning in different and interrelated sectors. Parma as part of the European project RUGGEDISED by the European Commission (DG Energy), it aims to develop a smart city strategy capable of putting the various skills and initiatives into a system. To achieve this goal, in the years 2016-2021, the Municipality of Parma launched three main activities:

the development of a vision of the city, a roadmap & the development of a plan of initiatives and investments

The creation of a local organization (Smart City Governance) capable of playing a role of connection and promotion within the municipality and with local stakeholders

The development of skills and design ideas through the exchange with other European and international cities.

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