Storymap of Glasgow

La storymap di Glasgow

La COP26

26th Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC which took place in Glasgow City Council, from 31 October 2021 to 12 November 2021, under the UK presidency, on-going projects that make Glasgow a world center for politics, l sustainable innovation and action.

The international conference was not only about high-level negotiations, but also concrete solutions and on this, the RUGGEDISED team from Glasgow City Council proudly contributed. Over the hectic weeks, Christine Downie and Gavin Slater of Glasgow's RUGGEDISED team spoke with hundreds of attendees about Glasgow's journey to climate neutrality, sharing lessons from RUGGEDISED and other sustainable projects.

In addition to all the conference sessions, Glasgow's Gavin Slater and RUGGEDISED also attended an EU side event to share lessons from Glasgow's work to become smarter and climate neutral.

Glasgow is a city in constant transformation. From the birth of the industrial revolution and heavy industry, to its cultural reinvention in the 1990s, the city has never stopped and today it is taking part in the most important transformation in its history: becoming one of the most sustainable and intelligent cities in the world. Europe. Glasgow will once again be at the forefront of a new revolution that of the Green Revolution, which will bring not only a greener world, but also a more sustainable economy and a more just and equitable society. Glasgow aims to be a leading city for renewable technology and is using its historical strengths in engineering and education to provide a low-carbon economy that will not only offer a greener environment, but offer a better life for everyone.

Through RUGGEDISED, Glasgow will continue its journey, transforming itself from an industrial city into a sustainable, resilient and low-carbon city, focused on the future, but keeping a link with its past, to evolve into a greener and smarter city.

The Smart Street

RUGGEDISED in Glasgow will focus on developing a Smart Street. The street is located in the city center between George Street and Duke Street, in an area with different types of buildings: residential, academic, community, commercial and industrial. Among the new challenges: renovating old infrastructures, finding solutions to energy poverty and air pollution; integrate regeneration and planned development with smart city capabilities.

Various smart solutions will be implemented on the Smart Street, including the connection of buildings to the district heating network, innovative photovoltaic solar roofs mounted on the roofs, ductable wind turbines, energy storage and management for charging electric vehicles, innovative and renewable connections and accumulation, smart LED street lamps with integrated EV charging functionality, smart open-data platforms, implementation of new technologies for street lighting, in the domestic and non-domestic sectors.